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Couldn't link my site to my google+ Business page

  1. I followed the instructions on how to link google+ page and I followed it all but when I got to managing this page and then edit and then adding primary website, putting no www. in the beginning, I clicked link site and didn't work.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    I clicked the link to your Google+ page and it seems to have worked. Have you figured this out already or do you still have problems with it?

  3. I'm still having a problem with linking my site to my google+ page. When I click link site, it says my code wasn't added to WordPress site.

  4. Hi,

    Are you trying to link your WordPress website to Google+ through the link in your footer or through Sharing?

    If it's the link in your footer that says "circle Teddy Bear Productions on Google Plus", that one does link correctly to your Google+ page.

    If it's through Sharing, can you tell me where exactly in the process as described here are you getting the error?


  5. My business google+ page which is Teddy Bear Productions, asked me to link my site. So I put my WordPress site as my official site and they want me to put this snippet of code that I put in a text widget bar. I said link site but it said that snippet of code wasn't found on my site. If it worked, on my google+page for my business, in links area, my site should have a check in a green circle right next to my link. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong

  6. Hi,

    If you haven't done so yet, you might have to connect your Google+ account through Sharing. You can see the instructions here:

  7. Hi, again,

    In the About page of your Google+ page under Links (bottom right box), there are 2 links to your WordPress site.

    Is that the one your are having problems with or is it in a different area?

  8. When I shared it It connectedness to my main google+ page instead of my business google+ Page. And I took out the 2 links and it didn't effect it.

  9. Hi,

    Is this the About page of your Google+ business page?

    If it is, your website is linked correctly from there under your profile photo and the name Teddy Bear Productions. There is also another link to in the Links box (bottom right).

    Are these the links you want or is there a different website address that you want linked? If there is a different website address or a different Google+ page, can you please tell me what it is?

  10. Yes that is the teddy bear productions google+ page. There's another link but that sends u to the teddy bear productions page on tumblr.

  11. What is the other link?

  12. It's the one that says

  13. Yes, but what is the link that you are having a problem with?


  15. I do see that link. It's under Links, under Website. It does work and points to your site.

  16. Hello there!

    I can see that you've set "" as your Primary Website in your Google+ Page. Are you all set with it? I also noticed that you deleted "" very recently. I'm sorry if your frustration had caused you to delete it. Should you consider linking a blog to your Google+ page, we do have specific instructions for doing that:

    Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. Thanks!

  17. Hi, yes I switched to blogspot. Im sorry that I switched. I am still a teen and when I get a job, I was thinking of going back and getting a site. But for now, I'm sorry.

  18. It's alright! Hope to see you back soon. :)

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