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couldnt upload articles

  1. I have been using wordpress for some years now and i have been having no problem uploading articles. However, i can upload articles into the blog anymore. I input everything then presses "publish" and it just keeps loading for ages and ages. It happens not just with my laptop. I have also tried different PC and laptops, the same thing happens. What should i do?
    Blog url:

  2. What browser and version are you using? How are you writing the posts?

  3. I have the same problem. I put up the post and then the publish icon spins for twenty minutes until I give up. I wonder if it is a server bandwidth issue related to the free blogs.

  4. Ahem. What browser and version are you using? How are you writing the posts?

  5. I am using Internet Explorer 8 on Windows Professional 32 bit. The first post was all text. The second one had an inserted picture with a hyper link to the source article. I also wrote about 30 words describing the picture. I have a dsl account with a download speed of 220 kbs? Upload speed is slower than that, but I am not sure what that speed is. Windows XP can't use the latest version of IE since it must use Vista or Windows 7. I have a 3800 AMD chip and 2 GB RAM with a 80 GB harddrive that is mostly empty. I use an external 220 GB drive to store most of my stuff.
    Hope this helps<G>

  6. I just tried it again and several minutes later the publish icon is still spining and spining and spining.
    I will wait a few more minutes to see if it eventually uploads the picture, two sentences of text and the url link.

  7. I am running window XP so I can't upgrade to IE9 either but that doesn't matter to me as I have been using Firefox since IE9 was introduced. Now I'm also running Chrome.

    Windows 8 with IE 10 is was released on October 26th (yesterday). As of November 15th Google apps will no longer support IE8.

    I don't know if your issue is a slow connection issue or a browser issue but I want you to know that those running Windows XP can download Firefox or Chrome and start using them here >

    Would you like to try Firefox or Chrome?

  8. Thanks. I just gave up on the upload since it has been 15 minutes. So that is the second time wordpress failed to upload a blog post. I will download firefox and see if that helps. XP will lose all microsoft support in April of 2014 I think. It is too bad as it is a great system. Windows 8 is being panned by people I know. The thing about MS operating systems is they put one out; then find it is riddled with security issues and glitches. They then take several years to perfect it. Windows 98 was Windows 95 perfected. Windows XP dealt with all the issues after Windows 98 was replaced. And Windows 7 dealt with all the issues with Vista. Windows 8 will have issues and Microsoft will correct them in the next operating system. <G>

  9. Windows 8 is being panned by people I know.

    I'm one of those people who have to buy an new computer and I'm not inclined to buying windows 8. I'll probably go for windows 7 but I haven't ruled out purchasing a Mac. Windows 8 Not Hawt!

  10. Hmm? Well the good news is it apparently was an IE 8 issue. I downloaded Mozilla Firefox 16 and installed it. I then clicked on the new post button and put in the pic and the text. I also put in the url link. The post uploaded in less than 30 seconds. that is the good news. the bad news is the url link isn't highlighted and you can't click on it. Not sure why that is. I used the old select url, click control plus C and then the control plus v in the blog post box. Oh well, if computers were easy then computer users wouldn't be so crazy<G>

    At any rate, I suggest the original poster download Firefox 16 and use it instead of IE 8. Problem solved, except for the dead link issue.

  11. re: Firefox
    That's good news.

    re: dead link issue That's not a live link at the end of your post.

    The guide for creating links in posts and pages is here:

    This is the general link model:
    <a href="URL HERE">Highlighted anchor text here</a>

    Enter your anchor text you want to link to first.
    Then use your mouse to highlight that anchor text.
    Next click the chain icon in the editor and proceed to create the link.

  12. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. It wasn't too hard to do once you explained how to do it. I also noticed the words below my blog name of Doomer Doug display different in Mozilla than they did in IE 8. they are much fainter to read.
    I need to make them bigger and perhaps bold them. Not sure how to do that. I did change the background to archacic? from default and think it gives a better look to the blog. Thanks for your help. <G>

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