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counceling and paypal button doable ?

  1. i would like to use my blog as a tool to be able to counsel people (via email sessions) and have a paypal this doable ? if so, how do i go about this ?
    Blog url:

  2. blogs cannot be equipped for ecommerce transaction the way installs can be. The instructions for the PayPal donation button we can use on blogs are found here >
    For clarity read >

  3. thank you !!! next question, can an email be set up somewhere on the site or a contact me button so i can have clients email me about a session they would like done ?
    your name "timethief" do you have blog so i can view, as your name is touching a button within me ?

  4. Read this:

    and if you click on timethief's name you'll find her blog. :)

    You might like to read this:

  5. You can paost a PayPal donation button.

  6. Oh I'm sorry ... I was on "auto-pilot". I posted that before I read what I'd posted above. :(

  7. thank you so much and your ART, magnificent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You're welcome, and thanks.

  9. i love the way your minds eye views scenerios...i will be forwarding your work onto people i know who would enjoy it and buy..where r u located, which state ?

  10. Please do not forward my work. There is a note on each post to that effect. Please just enjoy it where it is.

    As for personal details - that's my business.

    And - for your information, these forums are for technical matters.

  11. understandable.... it was a pleasure to view them ..have a great day :)

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