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Count didn't restart

  1. This is odd. I happened to look at the total count for the day just after 4:00, which is when the line drops back down to zero. 720 hits. Okay. Then, just now, I look again. The new count is still zero (unusual, somewhat) and the total for the day is now 739. It looks as if the counts are still be accumulated for the previous day. Is that right?

  2. Well, I now have 17 views for today, but yesterday's count is up to 746. I think I now have evidence of time travelers.

  3. Today now 20, but yesterday stuck at 746---and before I could catch any of the time travelers to learn now what the outcome of Tuesday's elections would be. Drat.

  4. @leisureguy
    I'm sending you a big grin :D because I truly appreciate your sense of humour and your good nature when you post.

  5. I got four people to my blog searching for "Canadian daleks" so it's possible we've been invaded by timelords.

  6. Care for a Jelly Baby, you hozer? :)

    I remmeber Andy (I think it was) mentioning that the counts were delayed. I'm wondering if this is what is occuring to LG and it's just taking time to get things caught up.

  7. Aha. That's probably it. Seems more likely than time travelers, at any rate. Just a modest brag: I have a spreadsheet where I post each day's total hits (which is why I was looking), and it computes the 7-day moving average. Last six days: 816, 835, 862, 931, 942, 950. So every day of the last six above 800. And I recall when I was excited if I had 100 hits...

    I owe it all to WordPress, and I will strive to use my powers for good.

  8. Congratulations.

    Now I know where my readers have been going: I'm down 40%! But I'm not bitter...

    But LG, won't your regular statcounter do this for you already and graph it?

  9. GAWD why bother when you can have a free sitemeter?

  10. I know, I know. I'm going to take the plunge (particularly as it seems I'm not the only one whose hits appear to have fallen off a cliff since the introduction of the new stat feature) but I'm just complaining about what happened here, now.

    I mean, things will never work properly, or will do so only by accident, if nobody ever complains, right?

  11. That's not actually what I meant. The stats tracking and breakdown program from have developed very quickly. I combine that information with sitemeter stats and ask myself: what more do I want? The answer is: nothing. That's as much investment of time, energy and attention I intend to give to "the numbers".

  12. I don't quite understand, timethief. I thought the blog stats were day by day. Is there some sitemeter option of which I'm ignorant? (Be gentle, I'm a newbie and awfully ignorant in some areas. I bow, trembling, before your superior knowledge.)

    Thanks for any help you can offer...

    If you mean Sitemeter itself, I did use that when my blog was on, but I thought there was some problem in using it on WordPress because of javascript restrictions or the like...

  13. You can get a free sitemeter here
    You can install an html version. There are instructions specifically for blogs. Counter Instructions
    These are the instructions for adding a Site Meter web counter and tracker to your WordPress blog hosted at
    If your blog is hosted on your own server and not at, there are different instructions you'll need to follow.
    1. Login to your account on
    2. Select "My Dashboard".
    3. Select "Blogroll".
    4. Select "Add Link".
    5. Copy this text to the clipboard.
    (Select the text and press the CTRL key and the letter C at the same time.)
    6. Paste it into the Address field for the link.
    (Click in the field and then press the CTRL key and the letter V at the same time.)
    7. Enter "Site Meter" for the Name.
    8. Copy this text to the clipboard.
    (Select the text and press the CTRL key and the letter C at the same time.)
    9. Paste it into the Image Address field for the link. It is located in the "Advanced" section.
    (Click in the field and then press the CTRL key and the letter V at the same time.)
    10. Select a Category for the link.
    11. Select the "Add Link" button.
    12. Select "View Site".
    Site Meter should be visible on your blog's pages within a few minutes. If it didn't show up, make sure the category you selected has the "Show Images" option checked.

  14. Cool. Many thanks, timethief. Very useful. I'll do it.

    Anyone want a slightly used spreadsheet?

  15. *lol* :D

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