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    For a long while now I’ve been trying to find some sort of solution to having a countdown clock on my blog ( I’ve done quite a bit of research and I am well aware that.

    1. People have been requesting a countdown widget for long before I arrived and wordpress has yet to oblige.
    2. Javascript is not allowed making nearly every pre-made countdown widget available, worthless to us.
    3. The only HTML-only countdown clocks are absolutely hideous and practically useless. The ones I am referring to are detailed here:

    At this point I have only thought of one possible solution. Would it be possible to run my own local server with some python/java/javascript code running which generates an html file and simply have my blog use some sort of “include file” command referencing and utilizing this html file (e.g. <!–#include FILE=”…/myfile.html” –>)

    If I can’t do this, is there any conceivable way to get some sort of countdown timer working? I have to imagine it is possible considering that the ugly ones work, so by what method are they getting an updating counter in strictly html?

    The blog I need help with is




    Security on a multiuser blogging platform
    We cannot use javascript on blogs. I made that clear in the post where I linked to this support entry See > is a shared environment where we are all blogging on the same multiuser blogging platform. Blogs are served from {name} The WordPress cookie is delivered to any site that ends in Any Javascript on the page is legitimately allowed to look up cookies that would be sent to the domain it’s served from.

    This means that if you can run Javascript on a hosted WordPress page, you can retrieve the login cookie from another WordPress user, and then pass it to an external site. (Generally by creating an image reference that includes the encoded login cookie.)

    This is just a basic part of the underlying technology of the web browser, and it’s required for sites like gmail, Yahoo!, and others to operate.

    There are ways a site can avoid this problem (generally by constantly changing the login cookie data with EVERY response, and invalidating the old ones immediately), but they require more horsepower on the backend than the blogging sites are really able to provide, and there’s still usually a small window of opportunity.

    This is why Livejournal, WordPress, and most other hosted sites disallow Javascript on their pages.

    2. Also beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I find some of the countdown tickers from Ult-Tex All Occasion Countdown Banners to be very attractive. I received many compliments when I placed a countdown to Christmas ticker from there in my Alert Box when I used the Vigilance theme.



    Timethief, I assure you I don’t mean to be rude when I say this, but:

    1. I quite clearly stated that, “I am well aware that JavaScript is not allowed.” I also happen to be “well aware” of why JavaScript is not allowed. My point wasn’t to criticize or attack and I can’t imagine how my statement could have been interpreted as such. What I was doing was explaining that because of this limitation, most standard solutions to my problem are not available. In fact, I specifically mentioned my knowledge of the “no JavaScript” policy so that I wouldn’t have a bunch of people telling me what I already know.

    2. Again, I don’t see how this is helpful. The fact that you find them attractive does nothing to help me find one that I like or that works in the way I need it to. I’m not sure if you took a peak at my blog, but Christmas counters and pregnancy due dates would look a bit out of place for my purposes. I need a simple clock which counts off the total number of days until a deadline and most of these countdown tickers just push a picture of a cow closer to a barn with as time passes.

    I really do appreciate the fact that you took some time out of your day to offer me some advice and I can also appreciate that you are trying to be this helpful “blogging guru”. However, what I would appreciate the most would involve someone reading what I wrote carefully enough to not misunderstand my purposes rather than see the word JavaScript and immediately say, “Oh, another JavaScript question on the forum! This comes up all the time so I will deploy my memorized response to such queries. ENGAGE!”

    Oh, and raincoaster, thanks for the response. That counter is still not quite my style, a little too gaudy if you ask me, but I might end up using it if I can’t come up with a better solution.



    I’m so sorry you were offended by my reply. best wishes when it comes to conveying your need to Staff and having it addressed in a manner that suits your needs. :)



    I’m pretty sure I never said I was offended. I’m just conveying to you how unhelpful you were. Thanks for your time.

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