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    I currently use the Milestone widget but it doesn’t display the month correctly as such, currently saying I have 2 months left to go but in fact I have three months to go. I realise it’s because it doesn’t count down days but next month it’s going to say 1 month left when in fact I still have two months to go and this just looks inaccurate to anyone who is reading my blog and knows when I’m leaving for my next trip. I have already had a few people commenting on this fact.

    I know WordPress doesn’t support many countdown clocks because of their formats and I’m not totally clued up on all the IT “wording” behind how these things work but can anyone send me a link for a countdown clock that counts down the actual days and even minutes that would work on WordPress. I am happy to use the countdown clock either in the sidebar or even included it in each new post I do at the bottom of the post.

    The blog i need help with is

    The blog I need help with is



    Please see here

    One of these may be what you are looking for > Calendars, Countdown Timers and Messages for blogs



    Thanks for the reply Timethief, I checked out the links and tried to insert various one’s onto my blog and once again none of them work so still stuck with an inaccurate Milestone widget. :(

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