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  1. Hi. Anybody knows how can I introduce in my sidebar a flash countdown?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but you can't embed Flash. It is a security risk, as is javascript, and it is always stripped out on blogs. The only 5 countdown tickers we can use at are listed in this post.

  3. There appears to be some flash on the site referred to in this post:
    But I don't see how it is working.

  4. So, including but not limited to 1tess & TT, anyone can explain the way it bypasses flash flusher?

    (or...whatever you call it, flash stripper? Goh, I'm running out my English here :lol:)

  5. I haven't a clue.

  6. Got it here =>

    appears to me that the gigya thing uses some sort of shortcode applicable at i.e. contact-form, youtube, archives so you can embed it upon your sidebar using text widget.

  7. If this really is the case, any other 3rd party widget providers requiring flash (.swf) have some chance to be welcomed at, no? -- afraid that this issue can grow big when it reaches security center, though.

  8. *incomplete sentence welcomed at via gigya service, no?....

  9. "afraid that this issue can grow big when it reaches security center, though. " Agreed. Will you bring this to Staff attention?

  10. modlook tag added :)

  11. @babaliciou5: It's not a shortcode, it's a post-to-WP button. It automatically creates a post in your blog, you get the code from there and paste it in a text widget (I've done that with Myflashfetish audio players).

    WP has always been using java, flash etc. from "trusted partners", as the FAQ on code says. Maybe giya is one of those "trusted partners".

  12. I tried the gigya shortcode, using an swf from swfCabin to get a clock, but now I see that perhaps I shouldn't have?

    Anyway, I have removed the code now, until some definitive statement is made on whether it is permitted or not.

  13. @panaghiotisadam

    In order to get the code (found by looking at the site baba gave), they want your wordpress user name and password. I'd easily give them my blog URL which they also ask for. But I was reluctant to give them my private information (user name / password) to a site I know nothing about.

    Am I too skeptical or paranoid? would this be ok? (not that I want that clock, just theoretically.)

    I have never heard of "Myflashfetish audio players." ?

  14. @panaghiotisadam
    Like 1tess I was loathe to provide my sign on information.

    I've never heard of that audio player either. Do tell us more about it.

  15. @Tess & timethief:

    a) Myflashfetish / mixpod: audio players in various shapes and sizes; in contrast to the wp audio player, work in the sidebar; autoplay also possible.

    b) Skepticism reasonable - I was more "adventurous" (nice word for fool)! Let's hope someone from staff will drop by and tell us if those sites are safe.

  16. panos,
    b) that would be good to know.

  17. As mentioned, we allow Flash from trusted sites that pass through filters.

  18. @Panos & Nick
    Ah, my bad for not having thouroughly read the FAQ on code section. I mostly use mobile to connect to the internet so any fancy feature flash offers is like an alien to me -- excuse my flaw. Starting from now on I'll pass the word to the other forums that accepts flash through 3rd party service. Thanks to all of you :)

  19. of course, I meant *trusted* 3rd parties/ sites...

  20. @Tess: google "myflashfetish" or "mixpod" and you'll see.

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