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Counter problem?

  1. birgittahoglundsmat

    Do You have problems with the visitor counter today?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I do. The stats thing changed totally. It looks nice overall, but doesn't work yet. Not all dates show stats (on many the color stays blue and doesn't show stats on mouse hovering). This applies to both days, weeks and months. And I don't see if I could switch to the older view. Also, the stats tables are gone (the ones accessible by clicking on a button almost at the bottom of the stats page, and giving averages). This is really a downer if this feature is gone forever.

  3. Just announced (25 minutes ago)

  4. Yes, I usually give an annual report on my blog regarding viewerchip trends, and I need that particular page with the history to do that. Is there a way to reach that page anymore?

  5. I've just read the announcement. I guess the feature was introduced without making sure it works through and through. And hands up for the stats history averages page!!!

  6. I'm delighted to see the WordPress gurus have given us another non-functional "upgrade".

    What use is a stats page that give NO daily totals? Mousing over the bars shows no information. This is a joke.

  7. Now they mostly allow "like" comments in the announcement, while only a couple "don't like" comments are there and my "don't like" comment in still awaiting moderation.

  8. Mousing over the daily bars show daily totals for me.

  9. There is no average daily visits for each month as before. That is very important to have it.

  10. birgittahoglundsmat

    Thank's, now it seems to be working again, I like the new stats ;)

  11. Yes, they fix it now. It is very good.

  12. Summary tables are back but the graphs do not work yet.

  13. I like the new look on stats, but mouseover not working past July 2009 on the monthly view.

  14. Wow, thanks for the quick fix!

  15. There is a bug in IE7 with hovering on the right side of the charts. We're working on a fix, but highly recommend upgrading to IE 8 for a better experience in general. :)

  16. The stats bar does not work, you cannot see what your daily or weekly starts are or even your monthly stats for that matter. It would great idea that when someone puts a new up grade on something which people rely upon, that whoever is doing so would kindly make sure it all works first.

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