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  1. Hello. Please help. I have been blogging for eight days now and have had "allegedly" 1,260 visits. I do not however believe this. Is it possible for the stats to be wrong? I do not follow my own blog but does my blogg record myself / computer / IP address as a visiting click when I am either logged in or out and look at my own home page? I need some sanity please. In short I do not believe the volume in eight days? Dave Archer.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If your blog is public then your visits are not counted if you are logged in. If you are not logged in then then every click you do will be counted.

    If you have a private blog then logged in visitors will be counted.

    Many times a blog gets a "start-up boost" if you sent your blog address to all your friends.

  3. I see 30 followers and 160 Posts with the kite blog linked to your name - that combination is bound to generate traffic.

  4. Any news on this question please? I now subtract the number of posts I have made from the visit total because they are mine, so do i need to subtract the number of times I have visited my own sight JUST TO log on and check the dashboard without posting anything? I have a static front page, surely this counts as a click as well as I have a short cut in my Chrome Toolbar. Why can't you dismiss the IP of the creator / login site from the total clicks displayed. This will make a more honest visit count. You may have gathered I am a very pessimistic person. Dave Archer.

  5. Your blog is public - if you are logged in your visits and page views are not counted - the Dashboard is not counted - if you visit your site 40 times a day to check stats then log-in on the forum then visit your site or just stay logged in with a window or tab of your browser.

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