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counter went drastically "down" overnight - anyone else with this problem?

  1. i checked the dashboard for today morning around 9:30am and was shocked to see there were just 11 visitors since midnight. the day before had 1271 visitors, and since the topic of my blog/archive is hot right now (and the blog's well linked from different good sources) there should be much more visitors counted at this time.

    was wordpress down for some hours, or is this a problem specifically with my blog? anyone else experienced something like this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I had the same experience overnight and my blog has been acting hinky for about the last 18 hours giving me tons of error messages and denying me access.

    I keep getting the message below when I try to click to approve a comment from my email like I have always done in the past.

    Safari can’t open the page.
    Too many redirects occurred trying to open “”. This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another page which then is redirected to open the original page.

  3. Report it directly to staff via this link

    They are going to need to fix it.

  4. stuff isn't available till the 3rd, so i thought i first check if this is a problem just for me or others as well.

  5. Well, they certainly worked all weekend last weekend; have you tried?

  6. well, have you read?

    "Support will be unavailable from 5pm EST on April 30th to 12pm EST on May 3rd.

    Over the weekend our team of Happiness Engineers are in California for WordCamp San Francisco where we will be attempting to engineer some happiness in person. If you are attending WordCamp, stop by the Genius Bar to say “Hi” and ask any questions.


  7. I haven't read that. But I HAVE read the comments in the forum from staff since you made that comment.

  8. I think "Support" might be taking the day off, but the "Happiness Engineers" are still in here somewhere...

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