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Counter Widget

  1. I am looking for a counter widget. Not the one that counts like stats and all. But a countdown, or count up timer.
    Like: I stopped smoking for a week now. Since I have a personal blog, it would be nice to have a counter counting the days I have stopped, or even better the money I saved by doing so. Techies can have a timer countdown to the next apple conference, mothers to the calculated day of birth of the second, prophets count down to the ends of time and loved ones the seconds they have been together...
    You get the idea ;)

  2. We've talked about a couple of them here in the forums: (Ignore the baby stuff, look under fitness) (You'd have to link to both of those)

    Hope you can use one of these. Most fo teh ones you find on the net are javascripts and those are stripped from user input due to security concerns.

    Hope this helps,

  3. I'm also trying to add a counter for the days left untill the Half-Marathon in June. I found a HTML ticker at but whe I add it in a sidebar widget most of it is getting cut off. Any way to fix this? or add it at the top or bottom of my blog?


  4. I don't see the counter on your blog so I can't make any specific suggestions. I would add it to a specific Page if it's too wide.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Yeah I took it off becasue it wasn't fitting... it is back up now.

    I want it to show on my main page.... top, bottom side... I don't really care

  6. You'd have to have the CSS upgrade to do that and do some rather extentive editing to get it at the top or bottom I'm afraid.

  7. ok I will just leave it off then

  8. I still like my idea of putting it within a page. You could add a text widget explaining why you have a counter on your blog, what you're tryijng to do, and then give a link.

  9. It would indeed be nice to be able to put something like that in a header, particularly. Imagine if you had a blog for a novel, or working towards a degree or something long-term. It would be cool to be able to count down the days (or count up the words) right as an integral part of your blog's identity.

  10. Could make a manualy sticky or put a static page on the front with the counter. (I think of too many things on my walks)

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