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Counting Comments by User

  1. I run a blog for two college courses. I need to count the number of comments made by each student (user). Is there a method or hack to count the number of comments made by each student? I could go through each topic, but that is messy and time consuming. If I could see each posting made by topic or date for each student, then that would be best.

  2. Not with what we have here. You could probably do it with the regular wordpress software or if you had direct access to the database and wrote a script to do the count.

  3. you can search for comments by e-mail, url or ip address. i think if you do the email search in comments via dashboard, you should be able to see all the comments made by one user. if you're lucky they're numbered so you don't have to count them one by one!

  4. Sulz,

    Thank you. It works as well as I need it to work.

  5. Hmm, didn't think of that. Hadforgotten that there was a search.

    Sorry about that.

  6. I tried this search, using a user's name, but it seems to return all comments by the user and all comments to that user's posts (maybe?). I am using it for a college course and having the same problem.

  7. I just tried again to double check. When I type the exact user name in comment search, I get a page with comments by that user. Then there will be buttons for page 2 (and maybe 3) as well as "next". When I click on "next" I go to the second page of ALL COMMENTS. I know this as there are 26 pages of comments when I start, I search for myelf, get six pages of comments, click on the second page, and suddenly I am looking at the second page of the whole set of comments.

    I am 95% sure it worked 3-4 weeks ago as I used it then to get counts of comments by users and was able to click to second pages then.

  8. if you're sure about it, that sounds like a bug. maybe you try doing this in a few days' time, and if it still isn't resolved, you could send in feedback so they can clarify.

  9. Hmmm, perhaps send a feedback in and ask about that, giving those specifics. Support will have to think about fixing that if we have a number of people using this functionality.

    In the mean time, you can always use Google and type in the username, and "site:yourURL" in the search box, like this:


  10. would probably be better for that as they seem to pick up more pages and a bit quicker as well.

  11. Why is this resolved?

  12. The original poster is the person who marks it that way. If their issue gets resolved, they change the setting.

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