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    New to all this so this may be a really daft question..
    Is there a way to count ‘likes’ on a post?
    At the moment people are liking posts (it tells me on admin page) but on the post itself it invites visitors to be the first to like and counts no one as liking it…
    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    You do not have the like button enabled on your blog. If that is what you are referring to please see here: if it’s not what your are referring to then please post again and provide more clarity.


    Wow thanks for your rapid reply..yes i have enabled this after each post..but it doesnt seem to ‘count’ the that if someone likes a post i recieve a message on the top right hand corner of my admin page, but the next visitor doesnt get to see that anyone has liked it..they are simply asked if they would like to be the first to like the post – as if no one else had…



    I just clicked the “like” button on yiur most recent post. My gravatar appeared next to 3 other garacatrs and so did this right next to the like button: “You and 3 other bloggers like this post.”
    If you cannot see those gravatars and words please try clearing your browser cache and cookies.


    thanks..i’ll try that..i did get a message to say you’d liked something on the right hand side..but again couldnt see it on the post…I will try that…thank you for your kindness



    Exactly which browser and version of it are you using?
    Note that you can upgrade any outdated version here.


    ie 9 tried clearing it..still no joy also tried opeing in firefox..just the same…oh well, not to worry, i have taken to much of your time over a small issue..thanks you for helping.


    well..perhaps I have the answer…in which case it has been a little bit of a daft question but has at least made me delve a little deeper..

    It seems that if i click thru from the notification icon on the top right hand corner I can see the people who are liking the posts..their gravitars show up. However if I click thru from my admin page I dont see them..perhaps because they are not editable?
    So I presume visitors can now see them, as you could, and I can (via the notification icon) but they are not visible from the admin page.

    Does that seem as if it might be the answer to you…?


    At least now I know I can count the number of people who like the posts for myself…will investigate further why it doesnt give me this information directly under the posts..perhaps again because I am viewing from the admin page, I will have to cheat my stats by logging on as a visitor to see…


    yep..that seems to be it.. :)…sorry to have troubled you.



    No problem at all. I’m glad you have worked this out. Best wishes with your bloggging.

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