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    I understand that a smiley face is put on my site when someone visits it. If there wasn’t any traffic at my site will the face disappear until someone else views it? In other words, I always have a smile on my page but rarely any stats. Has someone looked at my page but for whatever reason the stats didn’t populate?



    The face is always there, whether or not anyone is visiting it. Stats are counted by the number of times that smiley is viewed.



    And don’t spam the forum, like that person just did. That’s really, really bad for hits.


    Copy this link into your widget it’ll count the visits for you.

    <img src=”” alt=”site statistics” width=”81″ height=”29″ border=”0″ />

    or visit and choose what u need.



    It won’t really count the visits. What that widget does is count who is on your blog at any given moment (including you) and display it in your sidebar in a text widget.

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