Countup ticker (not for web stats)

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    Hi. I’m sorry if this has been answered; I searched and did not find a previous question. I cannot find an answer by Internet searches either.

    I want to install a countup ticker/counter. It can be a widget or just installed on one page.

    I do not want it to count time or web hits. I want to be able to set it to count up a digit, starting at January 1, increasing by 1 every 6 seconds.

    In case that’s not clear:

    At time Display says:
    1/1/09 00:01 0
    1/1/09 00:06 1
    1/1/09 00:12 2….

    Is that possible, and how? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    There are 5 thrid party countdown tickers in this post below. As they are not javascript, they can be used on wordpress.COM blogs:

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