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  1. I have watche several videos on how to add a cover page to your WordPress blog and after following all the steps instructed, I still cannot seem to apply it to my blog. I am currently using the AutoFocus blog. Can someone help me resolve this issue?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Is a cover page a static page and by setting one up you force all returning visitors to click through it each and every time they come to your blog in order to find what they came to read which is your fresh content? If so then the instructions for creating a static front page are here.

  3. Also note that when you are viewing videos you may have been viewing those that only apply to software and the version of the AutoFocus theme that runs on that software, rather than the version we have here at which is code to run on our software. vs The Differences

  4. I'm aware of the static page. I think I've found a solution to my cover page dilemma, but thank you nonetheless for your help. Much appreciated :)


  5. You're welcome.

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