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Cover up.

  1. Do you believe that too many things in life concerning all the avenues of life and honesty thereof have been swept under the rug?

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    Hi, this should probably have been posted in the Off Topic forum and I've asked our mods to move it there for you.

  3. Thanks ,I am new here and do know my way around the tract.I am trying to get more involve in "Questions and Answers" on WordPress.So,if you will ,excuse my wrong turns and misdirections as I weave my way through.

  4. This is the link to the Off-Topic chat forum Justjennifer has flagged this thread and that's where it will be moved to. As you are new to I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series: I think this will also be helpful >

  5. Thanks a bunch for your time,and answer.We grow as we know;and show as we go.

  6. You're welcome.

  7. @apostlejack7 its Ok. we'll just pretend this little incident didn't even happen ;)

  8. There is still the matter of my question.Do you believe that TOO MANY things have been left Undone and covered up? another way of putting it?

  9. This question in without reasonable answer. First, will anyone really answer "No, I think TOO FEW things are left undone and covered up." Or even, "No, think just the right number of things are left undone and covered up."

    Additionally, I have no idea what "things" you're referring too.

    I guessing you are trying to raise some issue to inspire us to check out your blog. If so, how 'bout telling us what its about and inviting us?

  10. Life is a direction of knowledge and revelation.When one is without solutions to any problem they tend to hide it,pass it on,swept it under a rug,make many excuses,and totally neglect the care of it.Communication between one another is half said and held back from being said.
    If my saying this indicate that it is an invitation to take a peep at my blog would not be a bad thing.It is all about the spirituality of our existence that will take one beyond scientific and technical equations.
    I am also a Poet and Artist,and my picture and title is real.My door is always open.

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