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    I’m really fed up with the palatial mapkit. I’ve had so many problems with it – I can’t even update it using my wordpress feed at the moment, it freezes – now they’ve started advertising books on my blog without my permission!

    I’m really unimpressed. There are so many good map widgets out there, why does WordPress have to use one that is so inadequete? Would it be so hard to allow people to choose from a couple more, that are less commercially motivated and more compatible with different computers?

    I’ve removed the widget, and I’m considering going back to the old travel blogging site I used before, because I’m very unimpressed by the wordpress mapping option.



    If you’d like to direct your comments to staff where they may have some influence then note that support will be open tomorrow from 9-5 PM



    You could always just drop the html for another map kit into a text widget. I use the Clustr map like this.



    Thanks Ros, I’ll try that.

    Timethief – I’d messaged wordpress support , they’d emailed me back saying they couldn’t solve the problem now but I should remind them if they don’t get back to me in about a week – I sent a follow up reminder email and got nothing back… so I resorted to the forums.



    Oh, wait… clustrmaps are just for visitors, right? I want to map my post locations…?

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