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    This service is absolutely AWFUL this evening! Are you making changes or something? My photos aren’t loading properly, it is slow and lethargic and NO it is not my computer, everything else is up to speed except your site. Your NEW way of posting is just AWFUL, why is it taking you so long to add spell check? When I use your handy dandy new way of posting, I can’t click on my photos to have them enlarged. Why did you have to mess up a good thing? Why aren’t you fixing your crappy service? That new way of posting has a HUGE title line I cannot even see everything when I try to use it. I use the old way so I have spell check. Why did you have to mess it up? I am surer I am not the only one feeling like this, your service is just awful! When arre you going to fix it? I took all day working on a post and can’t even see it properly! The photo that shows in the reader’s view isn’t correct, it is reaching way down in the post puling up a photo that I do not want to be the lead. WHY do you have to mess things up? I loved it a couple of years ago before the moronic talent eas unleashed with your new and improved waste of time! I am gettig sick of this crap. You have to mess everything up! I am so freakin’ mad I cannot even type this memo! I AM SICK OF WORDPRESS!!!! Ahain, why did you have to mess up a good thing, why is it so hard to fix that new abyss you call posting, why can’t you fix the titls so it shows properly, why can’t you add spellcheck, why can’t you just switch it back to the old way? I am sure I am not the only one feeling like this! If you continue in this moronic manner I am going to find another platform, WordPress was really great until you mucked it up! Thanks for ruining a good thing? This is just awful! Just awful!

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