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    well i am ready to get CSS threwought my and other people’s blogs. i want to help out my friends who need new CSS themes. i am in alot over my mind and i need a crash course. i juse need the format, setup, and what each thing does. thanks

    ~josepman –



    i juse need the format, setup, and what each thing does.

    I just need to be 4″ taller and 20 pounds lighter. By tomorrow.

    You’ll find links to CSS tutorials at the bottom of the CSS edit page, there’s extensive help in the Codex at and Google can point you to other online tutorials.



    If you haven’t bought the upgrade yet, don’t do it. Learn first, practice using the free CSS preview, and once you know what you’re doing THEN buy the upgrade.


    A great place to start learning CSS is here:

    I would encourage you to start with a simple web page layout on your own computer, learn how the various CSS affect the layout and once you are comfortable with making changes then get the upgrade.

    If you need help creating a simple test page I’ll be happy to give you a tutorial. Just comment on this blog’s about page:

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