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Craving for Affection ...

  1. No worries , you Really found it this time , read it to the end , the intro is just to show you it can happen ! ... in your life time .

    ... The Recipe for a Nation , future shocking !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. ... do read it , no where in the world such a society is described , specially since it is Not a fantasy , its soul it's simple , it is the community your mother wished you would live in ...

    " ... Daniel was obsessed with fulfilling the Happiness Triangle for the entire nation , already covering Material necessities and Health , so the trickiest of all , Love , was a scorching priority .
    His efforts bear fruit , people could always sense love and now , more than ever , it was pouring and no umbrellas in site , just as Daniel wanted .

    Counting so much on the new generation , the government guided the lucky arrivals into a society free of crime and health problems with the help of nanositers looking after them from birth , with older people who used their figure of authority to protect the young from ugly thoughts and make sure that mutual respect and consideration were taken as the absolute norm .
    They wanted to make the kids feel at home anywhere , as part of a very large and loving family , the pride creation of an ascending specie ... " .

    Right , an Ascending Specie , the pride of the Local Galaxy , because we hybernated enough since Home Sapiens ... see How !

  3. Trying one more time to overexcite your curiosity , here is The scientific proof showing that all you need is a Real Leader since science proved Already ( 2003 ! ) the ways to universally help quench affection in any specie :

    A) “ Don't thread on me ! “ , get read of Aggression in our Global Village , George Stamatis was the genius to show us it is Possible , since 2003 !

    “ ... Public release date: 23-Jan-2003

    Contact: George Stamatis
    Case Western Reserve University
    Researchers discover the anxiety and aggression gene
    Opens new door to study of mood disorders in humans
    Researchers report finding a gene that is essential for normal levels of anxiety and aggression. Calling it the Pet-1 gene, researchers at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Department of Neurosciences say that .... “ .

    B ) ... the Gene Star herself , a notch higher than intelligence in Daniel's book ( see The Recipe ) , Ladies and Gentleman , here is ... Empathy !!

    “ ...
    ‘Spectrum of empathy’ found in the brain
    17:00 18 September 2006 by Rowan Hooper
    Ever wondered how some people can “put themselves into another person’s shoes” and some people cannot? Our ability to empathise with others seems to depend on the action of “mirror neurons” in the brain, according to a new study.... “ .

    Now , make a print and run to your local politician . Have him Eat it !

    Http:// , future shocking .


  4. ... but there is so much more beyond jus the begining of understanding And Acting upon the realisation that we are what our Genes are .

    If you question the Determination of any ultra advanced species that have Perpetual life ( they are stuck around for ever ) , to have a reason to survive ( we call it Pleasure and Excitament ) , than you'll understand my essay about " The Advanced Alien Super Specie : the Dream Prison " , including what I would do in Their place : safely wipe-out all the Pleasure Memories every morning and Start Fresh , begining every day as a ... Virgin !

    No , no , it's not weird ... I am getting bored of watching the Dicovery channel and the Freedman guy's BS telling me how the Universe works ! ( put your self in my shoes , I got lucky to write the UPN theory so My Universe is totally different ... ) .

    So imagine the Advanced Specie , which would know far more than we do , and you'll understand Boredom !
    Therefore wiping the Slate of Memory Clean every morning is just a matter of preserving Sanity ! Specially when you are 500,000 years old and no end in sight !

    Here is a solid proof that many of you will relate to : I like to play the Tiger Woods Golf computer simulation game but every time I had the opportunity I preffered BY FAR to play on-line Against Real People , not my computer !
    It speaks VOLUMES that EVEN ME , A PRIMITIVE , can be BORED by the Thought of playing against a Machine !!!! How about the people that are the Ultra Advanced Alien Specie ??
    QED demonstrating the Universal Craving to deal with Living things , hence your brain , an Ultra Adavanced biological machine even if your IQ is a door-knob that even DARPA can not duplicate , it is Prime Target for a Perpetual Living ultra advanced biological machine .

    Ding-Dong ... the Chemicals are calling , it's time to pass-out and let the Alien Games begin ! Sleep tight ! And don't Bite !! But I do ....

    If you have Sleeping and Dreaming problems AND want to Resist/Bite-back see my experience by finding The Advanced Alien Super Specie essay withing The Recipe ... enjoy and use the knowladge !

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