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Crazy 2013th Anniversary notification from WP

  1. Has anyone else been blogging as long as I have?

    According to the little notification thing from WordPress, I have been blogging for 2013 years. Top that!

  2. Ha! ha! ha! :D That's funny and I have tagged this thread for Staff assistance.

  3. Seems legit :)

    I'll ask the internal team to take a look.

  4. I'm sure there is just a zero somewhere that was supposed to have 2007 or something.
    I just wonder if it is happening to everyone, or only me.

  5. For a few days in 2007 there was a bug that caused 46,500 users to be saved with registration dates of November 30, 1 B.C. I just fixed those records and updated the affected notifications.

    Thanks for the report!

  6. "Part of an exclusive group of bloggers, blogging since 1 B.C." -- I should put that on my business card, or start a reality show with my 46,000 cohort :-)

    I received the updated notification that I have actually only been pressing words for 5 years.

    Thanks for fixing this, all loose ends appear to be tied up!

  7. thistimethisspace

    Thanks. :)

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