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Crazy Amount of Spam Comments?

  1. I just checked my comments and I have 44 spam messages! The last time I checked (less than 8 hours ago) I had zero.

    Anyone else getting bombarded?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Woah, that's a lot of spam! I'm getting more than usual, but not that much.

  3. I've only had 1 since I started my blog.

  4. @momfog
    Yes but 44 is NOT being bombarded. LOL :D If you had a install it would be common to experience hundreds of spam in your Akismet filter every day and even more on weekends.

  5. I got about 12 on the weekend one day but it has dropped back to my usual zero to one a day. I don't get much spam. Not at all sure what that means about my web site!

  6. @titi I guess I was overstating it a bit. But, like you said, is so good about keeping the spam count low. 44 is almost half of what I had in total up to that point.

  7. @momfog
    Akismet is used both here an on installs. It does an excellent job of catching spam and all we have to do is skim through the spam it catches and pull out any false positives. On a install especially one that's monetized and most are Akismet catches hundreds of spam every day that we have to view and pull out false positives from. In both cases false positives are rare. But my point is that 44 spams in the spam filter is diddly squat compared to the hundreds of spam Akismet catches on a self hosted install every day.

  8. Some days I don't get much, other days, I can get close to a hundred. Today was pretty typical with 21. Most of them in Russian. The others in bizarre English that made it look like someone played MadLibs with over half the words. One that was nonsensical (and full of spam links) but short said: Perfectly indited subject matter, thankyou for entropy.

    So far, in two years, I haven't detected a single false positive stopped by Akismet. However, there have been brief periods when I haven't had internet access, and it's possible that some false positives were deleted before I could scan the spam. I've been pleased with Akismet.

  9. Spam count back down to zero today. Whatever the blip was, it's over now. I've only caught one false positive since I've been here (6 months.)

  10. This fluctuation is actually a recurring pattern. Every 7 days or so the spammers have new lists of site URLs they can hit on. Bloggers who use "sex" as a lure in titles and in tags to lure traffic get hit worst of all and IMHO they deserve it. Monetized blogs also deluged. As you don't attempt to use any lures to get traffic and are a straight up blogger and your blog is not of course monetized by you then your blog will probably never experience much more that the pattern you see now.

  11. I get spam comments on some really weird posts -- it seems to me to be pretty random. Nothing provocative in the tags or cats -- or post contents. And sometimes the spam is on really old posts. (I'd once set comments to close after a certain amount of time elapsed -- two months, I think -- figuring it would cut down on the spam on old posts, but then I discovered that that also closed comments on pages, which obviously are going to age and yet there may possibly be people who want to comment on the content. So now I have comments open "forever."

    I get a lot of money-oriented spam, not just peculiar sex stuff. Also a lot of "pharmaceutical" spam, which contains reference to all kinds of different Rx drugs. Probably half my spam -- more when the spam is particularly heavy -- is Russian. Strange, since my blog is in English & I think the vast majority of my readers couldn't read Russian even if the "comments" got posted.

  12. @mmadfan

    I discovered that that also closed comments on pages, which obviously are going to age and yet there may possibly be people who want to comment on the content. So now I have comments open "forever."

    That's weird. You can override that setting that's here > Discussion by enabling comments only on your individual Pages and not on your posts >

  13. It is weird; unfortunately, I also want to have people able to comment on posts. I suppose that if I were really enterprising, then every few weeks, I could go back over old posts and disable commenting on them manually. But since Akismet catches the spam, all it means is that there's more to discard. I can live with it.

    Today's been nice & quiet with zero spam so far!

  14. My blogs got lots of Russian spam but I clicked and it was all gone. I love Akismet.

  15. I totally just jinxed myself. Now I'm getting an unusual lot of spam on one certain post.

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