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Crazy Domain Email

  1. Hello. I am beside myself and crazy domain support has helped all they seem to. Social Media i can do...this is out of my forte. I am trying to direct my crazy domain email address to wordpress. I have gotten so far by removing unwanted items from the domain, (as per crazy domains instructions) and now they want me to insert a A record to an IP addrees (i get this but cant find the format to do it in)

    i currently have this in my domain (which is accepted)
    TXT google-site-verification=-GIgsgcT32z5hTG8qCPIKpmdFog9YEixESsM95GSGGs
    TXT v=spf1 ~all

    Crazy domains said i need to add this (their wording)
    Create an A record (for point it to
    Create an A record (for point it to

    Please can someone show me in what coding/format i need to do it. I have used the DNS add email help page before anyone links me back there. Also once this is done i should be good to roll?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We actually have automated that to make it easier for you! Instead of manually entering all of those records, you can use these instructions instead:

  3. Thanks. I have tried it that way and was unsuccessful, so I manually added. I was told for this to not use google apps selection.

    Like I mentioned before I only need to know how to add the A record and I should be done as the rest has been accepted.

  4. That's strange. I think the Google Apps selection should work, and if it doesn't it would be good to test it to find out why.

    If you're in a rush though, adding the records manually is also pretty easy once you know the format to use. For A records, the format is:

    A <subdomain> <IP>

    So yours would be:

    A mail
    A webmail

    Add those to the Store → Domains → Edit DNS page for the domain you're setting up.

  5. Thanks you.

    I sorted this out.

    I had tried the above that you did with the A record befor ei saw your post and it worked!

    thanks for you help :)

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