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    Hi, I am in need of some help with a wordpress/email issue. I recently swapped over from a web hosting hub site to a new site hosted at wordpress, and our email is now offline.
    The domain is registered at Crazy Domains, and initially I paid and set up for the wordpress domain redirect option. According to crazy domains though, instead I should have set up the address to re-direct to the wordpress site from their end instead. According to crazy domains, I cannot reach or alter my DNS info without forwarding the address from their end.
    So I cancelled the wordpress domain upgrade and instead set up the crazy domain forwarding.
    Now I am trying to set up zoho as an email client (as recommended by wordpress) and then do I alter the DNS info at the wordpress end of the chain? I have spent all day on this and my brain is fried. I basically have a wordpress site, a crazy domain, and a email.
    The first 2 are connected (wordpress and crazy domains) but the email is still unconnected. DNS, CNAME, etc etc, these are all words getting thrown around but I am not sure what to do or where to enter this info. Does wordpress want this info? If anyone can help I am forever in your debt.

    The blog I need help with is



    Just to confirm, is the domain you’d like to get email setup with, correct?

    If that’s the case, you’re already in good shape. Your domain is pointed to perfectly, so you’ll just need to do a few more things to get email through Zoho working as well.

    Take a look at this guide we’ve put together:

    Let me know if you get stuck at any point along the way–I’ll be more than happy to help.


    Thanks for that, but the email isn’t through Zoho, it is hosted at crazy domains. They have the doman name as well as the email hosting, but the site is obviously hosted through you guys.
    I am currently on the phone to them as I am trying to get the MX record/ A record info. I will try and enter the info myself if it makes enough sense…



    Here are ALL the threads on custom email. I hope one of them helps you. Sometime the instructions for Company A also apply to Company B.



    Choose one or the other – Crazy Domains or Zoho – you can’t use both nor can you use the Zoho instructions for Crazy Domains –

    If you are really using Zoho – see the link you were give earlier

    If you are using Crazy Domains then use these instructions:

    You can also search the forums here for Crazy Domains and probably found someone has went before you


    thanks for your help everyone.
    And no I am not using zoho at all, simply crazy domains email hosting. They gave me A name and MX records, which I entered into the edit DNS section as follows:

    A webmail

    I know it can take up to 72 hours for this to work, but does what I entered look right?

    Thanks guys



    Hi there – what you have now looks correct to me. Let us know if your email doesn’t start working after a bit!


    Hey wordpress staff, any idea why what I entered above did not work? This is what I was sent by crazy domains:

    Mail A record:……………………

    Mail MX record.:……………………………

    How do I enter this in order for it to work properly?
    The post above shows what I entered last time, and after 72 hours, it still does not work:(




    I can’t offer any help but just wanted to let you know I have been in a world of small business pain since last friday(!) for the same reason as you. I have domain with Crazy Domains, new website through WordPress and can no longer get my email to work through Gmail.
    I have also received MX and A records from Crazy (aptly named I think) and have been unable to successfully update my DNS records.

    Extremely stressful and I have been unhappy with the length of time it takes for both Crazy Domains AND WordPress to address issues. The lag in time for changes to take place also makes it very hard to know if you have even done the right thing (as you have just experienced) which is wasted time.

    I have also put up a new forum request (private) for mine today and am awaiting reply from WordPress. No point in promoting my new WordPress site if I can’t be contacted!!

    I get that it is probably something that I have done wrong but what ever happened to good old customer support!

    Will keep an eye on your post to see what joy you get – good luck! I will post any tips if I get mine working too.



    WOW – as soon as I have big whinge on line – my problem gets fixed!!
    It seems it was the MX and A records and it has been fixed by WordPress.
    I still don’t understand it and so am unable to offer solutions but may give hope it will happen. Again – good luck (I’m getting away from this computer and heading outside for some sunshine).


    haha nice one glad you got yours working. Once mine is working I will post my full DNS edit info in here to help future crazy domain/wordpress customers. In the mean time I guess I shall keep waiting.


    Hello wordpress guys? Anyone know how to help fix this situation? Were the MX and A record stuff set incorrectly?




    Hi there – sorry it’s still not working for you. In Jennifer’s case, they initially gave her the wrong IP address for the A record. Do you mind contacting them again and seeing if is the correct IP?

    I don’t see anything else wrong with what you have.


    I received the following from crazydomains:

    MX record –>
    A record –>

    and entered it into wordpress as:

    MX 10
    A webmail

    Emails don’t work after one week, can anybody help?
    Thank you.


    I entered this info into my DNS edit box and it worked for me:

    A mail

    It took about 3 days to go online if I remember rightly. I don’t know if this helps but maybe try to enter the info exactly as I have mine?
    I feel your pain.


    thanks for your response, I am doing it straight away. Is your domain name registered with crazydomains? Mine is with aussiehq and emails are hosted with crazydomain, not sure if this could be a problem. Once again many thanks.


    Yeah my email and domain name is registered with crazy domains. I am not sure either if having the 2 hosted separately would make it more difficult. Surely not, right? Does your domain work? I wish I could remember if there was anything else that had to be updated:/ I definitely had to alter some things at the crazy domains end as well, but I can’t remember whether that was in order for the email to work correctly or for the domain name to work correctly.
    Are your name servers set up properly? They should read like this (at least on crazy domains they do):

    Name Server 1
    Name Server 2
    Name Server 3

    I wish I knew more about WHY these things had to be changed, then I could be more helpful! haha



    Hi all,

    I have the same brain frying problem dealing with crazy domains. I’m not sure if this is the place to ask but here’s my situation, I hope someone can help me because crazy just seem to make things more difficult. I have a wordpress site and a crazy domains account that forwards my emails to my gmail. This has worked fine for 3 years and a week ago it stopped. My domain is

    These are the kind of responses I get from crazy, I don’t speak computer jargon so maybe it’s my problem not understanding:

    “Apologize for inconvenience, as you are using our DNS so only we can set a forwarder or can point to Google at once. As you only required your Gmail email so you can go with only forwarder. If some one will send email to the domain associated email you will receive emails at Gmail email. All we can do is we can cancel mx for Google apps and can set a forwarder.”

    Save me please!


    Hi Rob,
    It works :) thank you very much.



    colindyte – could you please start a new thread to describe your issue in detail, and add the tag modlook in the Tags area and a Staff member will help you out. It’ll be easier to assist you in your own thread. Thanks.

    michalgabris – glad you got it working!

    I’m going to close this thread now, but anyone else who’s still having trouble is welcome to start a new one.

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