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    I have created a fairly long poll, with 37 short answers, and using the PollDaddy shortcode have inserted it into tomorrow’s blog post. Problem is, while I have tweaked the format of the poll and it looks great in the poll preview (the poll by itself), when I preview tomorrow’s post, there’s huge spaces between each line, so that the poll just runs on and on down the page and you have to scroll and scroll to see it. Then when I go back to the poll view along, it’s nicely spaced and compact. I’ve even deleted the first poll and re-created it thinking that some bug must have gotten in, but have gotten the same result. I know this isn’t a PollDaddy forum, but since it’s a shortcode, I wonder if anyone else has encountered this strange problem and maybe has some thoughts on how to fix it?

    The blog I need help with is


    I should add that I’m using the Twenty Ten theme, no bells and whistles (



    The poll may be to big for the sidebar width. You may have to change the size or dimensions of the poll width to make it fit in the sidebar.
    It may help to post the poll so we can see it…



    And also, don’t quote me on this because I’m only some kid, not a computer geek :|


    @schoolfinder, without being able to see it, I’m afraid there isn’t much we can do. Perhaps contact staff directly and they can look at it on your dashboard/preview. We volunteers cannot.

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