Crazy Scientists now say that a Brick is a Fluid !

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    Crazy Scientists now say that a Brick is a Fluid !

    Out of four billion Adults on Earth three people so far seem to go crazy by claiming that we and the Universe are all a SuperFluid ! And two of them are Certified Scientists one from Russia and the other from MIT USA !

    Does it mean that My neurons are swimming in the same ‘soup’ as Yours ??
    And ALL is made of the Same thing ??
    What did the Car Companies new way ahead of everybody when they were telling us that a door is a jar ??

    If fish sense other fish vibrations because they live in the same medium does it mean that we can also sense vibrations from others in the common medium of the SuperFluid ? Ohhoohhoo ! What’s next , an ideal Specie where we read each others’ thoughts from distance ?! No more lying and deceiving ?? Ya , in such a society How can you start a war never mind ‘plan’ to rob someone !

    Two seemingly crazy scientists and one trailing wanna-be , trying to Wake us Up in believing the Reality ! Good Luck Charlie , Volovik , Hugan and Dobrescu !

    Scientist Grigory Volovik’s :

    The Superfluid Universe

    by G.E. Volovik

    Low Temperature Laboratory, Aalto University, Finland
    L.D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Moscow, Russia
    (Dated: April 4, 2012)

    Scientist Kerson Huang from MIT :

    Dark Energy and Dark matter in

    A Superfluid Universe

    by Kerson Huang

    Physics Department, MIT, Cambridge, USA
    Institute of Advanced Studies, NTU, Singapore

    Non-scientist , photocopier Technician , Doru Dobrescu

    The Unifying Property of Nature ( UPN )

    Jeee , what’s next , my cat dictating me that the SuperFluid is a non-compressible , ultra viscous , self-agitating/mixing , non-granular substance in which certain vibrations travel instantaneously !

    Oh yes , and what my cat already told me from the start and why we have to re-write the school books : in any (super)fluid all the phenomenon that can exist are Only : Waves , Vortices and their Harmonics , nothing else ! Not even bricks ! Is this a ‘watered-down’ version of nature ?

    Next thing the cat will brag about will be that Nothingness doesn’t exist ! Really ?? See the UPN …

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