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    Hello – Has anyone else noticed a surprising uptick in spam comments this month? My blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic (feel free to change that for me! ) and certainly not many comments. This month, however, I’ve had 198 spam comments (according to Akismet), versus 195 total for the previous 11 months. Yet, I haven’t seen a corresponding uptick in overall traffic to the site; not that the two necessarily go together, but I think of spam as a percentage of traffic.

    Has something changed with Akismet? Anyone else seen this?


    The blog I need help with is


    I will have surges. Most often I have a handful a day, but then out of the blue, one day I’d have around 300 or more. I’d just get done clearing it out and more would pop up. So far with the current blog I’ve had for over a year now, it’s only happened twice.

    But really, it is not a problem since Akismet is catching them all. I’ve had less than 5 spam comments not caught by the filter. I have had about 6 real comments accidentally put in the spam filters , so the biggest hardship is wading through them all to make sure a true comment wasn’t in that mix. Thankfully, this surge is rare- for me any ways.

    About spam being a percentage of traffic, most often in my case, the spammers don’t even touch the blog, so no stats show for them. They are done automatically somehow. Never have I seen stats line up with the amount of spam I get.

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