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  1. I'm only speaking for myself, but the new WP version 2.7 (Crazyhorse) is a real dream! So far, everything is working absolutely great. And regarding the previous problem of uploading if you had upgraded flash to Flash 10, the WP uploader NOW WORKS with Flash 10!! Thanks, WordPress!!

  2. darn...thought someone was talking to me. :-)

    I agree any change you've got to get used to it but it seems to be quite fine. For a moment I panicked and thought the forums were gone, but that fear lasted all of about 2.7 seconds.

  3. Hi kstafford,


    But in addition to the WP 2.7, I've been playing with, setting up a new browser-Flock. Flock is an open-source browser, developed from Mozilla, like Firefox and Seamonkey (which I use). I used to use Flock periodically a couple years ago, but changed over to Seamonkey. Then, I recently read in WIRED that Flock's really developed into quite an amazing browser. So I went back took a look at it now, and have begun configuring its many components. OMG, it's remarkable. People really should at least take a look at it!

  4. I may have to check it out!

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