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crazymaking spam filter situation

  1. @Staff
    Over the course of the last couple of days my correct answer to support questions are ending up in the spam filter. Please fix this.

  2. I have tagged the threads with this tag TT's comment in spam filter again but I'm not sure that I noticed every one of them.

  3. the spam filter has whacked several of my responses in the last couple of days also. Sort of slows down the help process waiting for the answers to be retrieved from the filter

  4. From timethief:

    The fact that every time I post a comment indicating the blogger does not have a blog and needs to post to the support forums over the last days ends up in the spam filter is enough information to provide to Akismet Staff to fix this. Please do that.

    I've removed your comments from spam. I've also contacted staff.

  5. @1tess
    Bless you. :)

  6. @auxclass
    I even copy and pasted on of your copy and pastes and it still ended up in the spam filter. What does this tell us?

    Is it really a coincidence that both of our copy paste responses to those who post to this support forum rather than the correct one at WordPress.ORG end up in the spam filter?

    Next I'm going to try posting one of the copy and paste answers Staff uses to see what happens.

  7. @TT - yes it makes helping much harder & also frustrating for the person needing help - should be a way of white-listing some helpers

  8. No kidding. We have been here for years longer than most Staff have even been on Staff. It's obvious that we are not spammers. I've been using the same copy and paste for ages and so have you, so what exactly triggers a false positive now hmmmm... ?

  9. yet more answers into the spam filter

  10. Felt like I was the mole in whack-a-mole earlier today. And oddly, or interestingly, also about org people posting in the wrong forum.

  11. Yes, very interesting isn't it? It's as if someone fed Akismet our copy and paste answers to those who ought to be posting to support

    I still have one more here
    Will you please post and help that blogger?

    P.S. On the subject of popup moles and Staff wannbes I will remain silent lol :D lest I BBQ one.

  12. Maybe someone fished you out because I see your reply in that thread.

  13. Alleluia! That's great news.

  14. I just posted there without including any links and it went through.

  15. I tried a new copy and paste that lacked any assistance with registering an account at and it posted too. See here as jackiedana has reported it

  16. As I posted in another thread:

    Rest assured that we're not ignoring the issue, and we have developers looking into it (both the general spam issue and the spam filter one). From what I can gather, a permanent fix for this stuff is more complicated than it might appear, so it may not get fixed right away.

  17. Thanks tt, jackiedana-it seems every time there is some kind of adjustment to the forum, we get whacked.

  18. And I just found a new "feature" in the forum where two identical threads were created and the contents of one thread was copied to the other thread & both threads have the same title but show as two threads in the forum

  19. =:-o

    Cue "The Twilight Zone" theme here.

  20. Cue "The Twilight Zone" theme here.

    No kidding -

    However It does keep my reputation intact with this one :)

  21. @auxclass thanks for catching the duplicate thread issue. I'm passing that along now.

  22. Weird! I'm off to bed and won't be allowing that Twilight Zone tune to keep playing over and over in my head all night.

  23. If anyone else runs into duplicate threads like auxclass reported in please update that thread (rather than this one) and let us know.

  24. You know, it just dawned on me...

    Where has supportbot gone off to?

  25. Gosh and we didn't even have a service for his passing ... lol :D

  26. Sad really. Day in, day out, around the clock for over 4 years. Always there to direct the misguided ORG user to the correct corner of the WP universe, sort of like, er, um, ok, sort of like a really useful forum volunteer, but without the added annoyance of being whacked.

    Or is it just possible that the poor thing is in the dang sd^w filter and can't get itself out? Oh noes!

  27. I hope he is on a warm beach with a tall cool drink - I wonder if they had a party in his honor? working 24 hours a day for 4 years with no time off is beyond what most people will do

  28. rotflol and that's not only because I pulled an all-nighter.

  29. /bowing head
    It was a bot with singular talents, but what a bot it was.

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