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    Pages is a great feature of WordPress. Unfortunately, the only way to fiddle with them is at the WP site.

    Lately I’ve found that I like the blogging software for writing a series of reference articles. I compose my thoughts in ecto and publish to This is MUCH easier than creating html pages for my web site. There is nothing chronological about this material, and the collection is only beginning to offer value now that there is a body of work there. I don’t expect that there will ever be a readership waiting breathlessly for my next article. Instead, the material is supplied as a toolbox for someone looking for a solution to a problem.

    This really wouldn’t be usable if I could not provide the reader with a Table of Contents. The Pages feature allows for this. The only pokey part of the process is generating the html for that page.

    I would like to be able to edit that Contents page easily every time I add an article, but Pages seem to live outside the blog itself. This has come up at the ecto forum, and it seems that the author of ecto, Adriaan, cannot access Pages with ecto for editing.

    So, I am suggesting that it would be helpful if WP could make Pages available to offline editors. Thanks… Robert



    Pages are available to offline readers. Have been for quite some time with the WordPress XMLRPC API. That page you point to is over 2 years old. I would suggest that you contact the designers of Ecto and ask them when they’re going to support the WordPress API. There’s no docs currently that I know of but you can point them to the xmlrpc.php for connection and coding details.

    Don’t hold your breathe though. I’ve contacted the designer of Blogdesk (after a couple tries) and he didn’t seem too interested in the idea.

    Hope this helps,



    @drmike, thanks for the fast response!

    I did write about this information at the ecto support forum (I added to the url referred to in my post above), and I’ll wait to see if Adriaan is interested. Yes, it does help… Robert



    Hmm, as a work-around you could consider using the Firefox add-on “ScribeFire”, which supports pages as well:


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