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  1. I'd like for others to have the ability to contribute to my blog. For this to happen they would need to register for the site and they would then be marked as an author. Is this possible on blogs hosted on

    Any help is appreciated.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes. Use the Invite feature to invite them. You have to use the same email to invite them as they used to register on

  3. Thanks for the responses. I was hoping that the user could register themselves instead of me having to add them manually.


  4. If they can add themselves you would be filled with spam as soon as the spammers found your site.

  5. ~~ auxclass
    Adding oneself as an official blog user with Admin access -- horrors! Then add to that un-moderated commenting and your blog can become a spam blog in no time at all. The minimum requirement for comments requires a username and email address, yet some want those requirements eliminated! Clearly they aren't aware that over 80% of all comments received on this site are spam. They are robot generated spam and they are human generated spam. Thanks goodness for Akismet.

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