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Create a Gallery from Images in Labrry

  1. Hi, I would like to learn if there is a way to make a Gallery from Images which are already in Media Library (uploaded before) - instead of now I only catch the Gallery whenever I upload new Images?

  2. Only the images uploaded to that individual post or page can be inserted into a Gallery.

    For images already in your Media Library, you would have to insert each thumbnail into a post and link it to either the larger image, or to the Attachment page (those are the choices in the Image Uploader). Read about it here

  3. Thanks a lot jenifer, that's what i've been sticking arround, well it works, but just a bit fuzzy if i need to make a post with 30 images!!
    hope the Gallery stuff can be more flexible in the future for this.

  4. and the trick overthere is really cool ;) I remember having used this with the (crazy) Y!360 long ago!

  5. Yeah, I agree with you, those first 30 (60, 90) images has to be painful. But with the trick of dragging from one open window with the Image Uploader to another open window with the Visual Editor is a slice of brilliance and I'm so happy that panaghiotisadam shared that tip!

    If you can hold off doing it, a little birdie told me that there's going to be more changes coming to Gallery with the release of 2.7. Sadly, no specifics given. I'm holding my breath!

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