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    I’ve tried searching for an answer to my query but can’t seem to find one that ‘works’ for me so sorry if I’m repeating a question you’ve had before :(

    I have a website for my photographs with a link on the homepage to my WordPress blog. What I’d like to do is make a link in my blog so that it’s easy to get to my website. At the moment my blog header image includes my website address but it is not linked and, as the two sites run in parallel, it would be good to get things more streamlined for my visitors.
    Is it possible to either:
    a) make the header, or part of it, a link to my website
    b) have a line of text or an image under the header, but above my blog posts, that is always there and is linked to my website

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    Turning part of the header into a link or adding an extra linking image in the header area aren’t possible without the Custom Design upgrade. What you can do is create a custom menu and add the link to it so it’ll show up next to the “About” tab. Details here:



    Thank you! ….. but now I’ve managed that I have a couple more questions.
    1) Is it possible to make my website open in a new window rather than leave my blog?
    2) How do I add another menu item that says ‘Blog’ and takes you back to my blog posts? (This is in case some people don’t realise clicking on the header will get them back.)
    Sorry for the dumb questions but I’m still learning!



    You’re welcome.
    Please study the post I linked to: it includes the answers to both your questions (under “Other options, special cases and tricks”).



    I’m sorry for being a bit ‘dumb’ about things. I have to be honest, I read the rest of your post last time but got so phased by everything that in the end it seemed to all go over my head. Pointing out that the answers were there, and where they were, made it easy to focus on a small section and not get overwhelmed. To quote Winnie the Pooh – “I’m a bear of very little brain” :D
    Anyway, thanks very much for you help and patience!

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