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Create a Menu Item to Show Last Blog Entry

  1. How do I create a menu item that (when clicked) will display the most recent blog entry?

    On the edit menu page, you're asked to drag a post (or page) to the menu- but I don't want the menu item to display a specific entry.
    Just the most recent.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You could make a menu item that would send someone to your "posts" page, but not dynamically to the most recent post itself.

    Now, what you could probably do is to set the number of posts on your "posts" to be 1 and then make a menu item to point there. But that would mean that you could not have a standard posts page with 10 or whatever posts appearing at once.

  3. Thanks for responding, rootjosh.

    The menu item is set to my "posts" page (blog-2) and the number of posts set to 1 in settings-reading, but the excerpts are displayed, (with the most recent is on top).

    I'd like to just display the most recent post in full.
    Is this possible on

  4. Have not worked with Excerpts or your Theme - but in general

    As @rootjosh notes - make a menu item to send visitors to your "Posts" page - display how ever many Posts you want - on all but the first / top Post use the More Tag to show less than a full Post - if you go to your "Posts" page you should be able to show a full Post

    also I find the Post titles "Post 2" "Post 3" etc. a big turnoff and useless - people look at the title when they decide to read a Post - search engines also use the Post Title with they index and display search results - so search engines will show the "Post 2" not "Working with grade school math students" or what ever

  5. @auxclass - So, I've added the More Tag to each of the earlier posts and have NOT inserted a More tag in the last post.

    But when you click "On Tutoring" it shows excerpts of each of the four posts. The last post shows "Continue reading->" but the other three don't! exactly the reverse from what I would expect.

  6. Have you been able to sort this out?

  7. Hey @rootjosh, thanks for getting back.

    I tried your suggestions - menu item points to posts page and number of posts is set to 1 in Settings..Reading.
    Also, tried @auxclass's suggestion of inserting More tags in the earlier posts, but not in the most recent post.

    Is there a way to exclude the posts Preview page? If yes, then maybe it would actually show the most recent post - which is what I want.


  8. Is there a way to exclude the posts Preview page? If yes, then maybe it would actually show the most recent post - which is what I want.

    I'm not sure that I am understanding which page you are referring to. Can you provide me the URL for what you are calling the "posts preview page"? My apologies for the confusion on my end.

  9. No problem rootjosh. What I'm calling "posts preview page" is what's displayed when you click on the menu item, "On Tutoring".

    Maybe it's called the "excerpts page" ? Anyway, here it the URL:

    From there, if you click on "Continue Reading", you see the last post, displayed in full. I would just like to remove the previews.

    Thanks for your help!

  10. So, the short version is that this the truncated posts on that page are a function of the theme you are using. I am fairly sure that if you switched to a different theme as a test, you would see full posts there.

    That having been said, you should be able to over ride and force full post display with some custom CSS and the Custom Design upgrade (which you have).

    I would suggest making a post on the CSS Customization forum here:

    Lots of good advice there and knowledgeable people.

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