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    I desperately need to set my site in two languages. I have tried but I am new at this and don´t really know much about this. I have seen how simple it is done whn plugins can be used but I have a premium account at and can´t use plugins. should I switch back to what c an I do? can somebody help please!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    I can see that you’ve already chatted with a couple of my colleagues and that you’ve already looked over the multilingual options available here at

    Do any of the three options given in the support documentation appeal to you? If so, which one and have you already made steps to get set up? I’ll be happy to help you further if you let me know the steps you’ve already taken.

    If none of the options in the support documentation appeal to you then may be a better option. I encourage you to take a browse through the plugin repository and different options for multilingual sites there.

    I can help you with further guidance once you’ve made the decision on whether or is the best solution for you.



    I am sorry it took so long to answer back. the most appealing option for me would be to have two different posts, I don´t mind doing the translation myself. I just don´t know how to go about creating the buttons english / español and the functionality that once you press spanish per say it will direct you to spanish version. and that is all I really need. thanks



    That option heavily relies on you categorising your posts based on language i.e. English posts should be placed in an “English” category and Spanish posts in an “Español” category.

    After you’ve categorised your posts, you can add a link to that category in your custom menu, as explained here:

    Take a look and let me know if extra questions come up.

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