Create a multisite for – 500 to 900 disitributors

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    Hi all,
    I have a question,
    do you think that wordpress could be a good solution to build a CMS with multisite for +- 500->900 distributors for a big brand….
    All Websites will be quite basic but I just afraid that maybe for a such amount of site related to a master site , wordpress is a bit weak or not strong enough, or flexible…
    I really like wordpress and certainly the admin interface who is so easy for dummy users so that is why I’m hesitating to use wordpress or a friend of me tells me to use Emagic, a .net CMS…


    The blog I need help with is



    The answer is yes, WordPress is a good solution, or I also recommend Drupal, if you need more functionality than basic website and blogs. But WordPress.COM would be a terrible idea. You want to be in the forums at WordPress.ORG for that. It’s significantly different and less limited.



    Mmmh, Drupal is so unfriendly as admin interface, and quite complex to understand for a basic user… I know you can customise the admin interface but I think also Multisite in Drupal is not yet working well with the default installation…

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