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Create a page with posts based on specific tag(s)

  1. Hi,

    Is it possible to create a page with posts that match one or more specified tags?



  2. Try clicking on one of your category links within your sidebar.

  3. Right, I see that. How do I make them into separate pages, linked from the nav bar?

  4. I'm puzzled by your question. Unlike the categories widget any pages you create will *NOT* automatically update through links to posts. Blog pages are designed for static content. So if you do choose to have pages for each category then you will have to place the links to your new posts on these pages manually.
    You can make as many "static" (ie. not automatically updating pages) as you choose here -> dashboard -> write -> page.
    *BUT* you can choose only one page as your front page and only one page as *THE* page for your posts. Look here -> dashboard -> options -> posts page.
    I'm not 100% clear if this answers what you are getting at so please do not "shoot the messenger" if I'm off target.
    Perhaps what may suit your needs is site index pages

  5. Thanks for your reply. My problem is simple - I write about a few different topics: Attention/Personalization, Web 2.0 and JavaScript. I would like to partition these different posts into pages, exactly what selecting a Category does. I just want to have a category page. So I would make sure that I tag each post with 1 of the categories I mentioned, and then it will automatically appear on that page.

    Just to be very specific, I'd like the page on my blog to link to this:

    Hope that makes sense.

    Thanks for your help,


  6. TT, he want to put category links where his Page menu is.

    Your nav bar is actually for Pages (note the capital 'P' in there.) Pages are actually Posts that sit outside of the normal Post structure and do not include the categories or datetime stamps. Only thing that can go in there is those Pages.

    If you were able to edit you theme, you could add in Category links but that's not possible on the platform we have here since it's a shared enviroment. (ie If you were able to change it on your site, you would be changing it on my site and everybody elses.) You can do it with the WordPress software that you can download from and host elsewhere on the net.

  7. @drmike
    gottcha - speculated on what he/she meant and wanted to cover all the bases so he/she could clarify intent

    This post will help you understand the differences between and

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