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    i am new to wordpress, i havent used any other CMS also. but i am a good php programmer. i used to develop websites without any CMS and i create myself the Admin module for uploading contents. now i would like to switch to a CMS as it is more standared. but i didnt find anywhere a good tutorial which helps me to get started. i want to work as easy or even more than i was working before. is wordpress flexible to make what ever i want, as i have done without CMS?.where should i start?

    i have installed wordpress well and created sample pages. but thats not i want.
    normally without a cms what i do is i will create the html with my photoshop layout and then write phpcode to fill the sections. how is the same thing possible in wordpress.

    how can i create a home page and subpages?
    where can i write php code?

    please help i need to start a new website asap. i prefer doing that in wordpress but i got stuck.

    Also, i want to know is it possible to move, a website which was built without any CMS and is already having more thant 1500 content and page rank 3, to wordpress without loosing the layout (the look) and the content?




    Afraid you’re in the wrong forum and need to be over at We can’t edit php here.

    Differences outlined here:



    thanks raincoster, posted there as well, but no reply yet.

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