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    We are 5 editors in a blog and want to create seperate categories for each one of us, so that each article will belong to a seperate category and users will be able to browse articles of a specific category (ex. RPG, Sports etc.) whenever they want. How can we do that?



    As far as I know you cannot create duplicate catagories. I tried the sub-category tab but suppose I had say the word ‘Men’ as a sub-category under the main category of ‘Fashion’ and then if I tried to make another main category saying just ‘Men’ it didn’t work.



    @games radio
    You could create a parent category called Editors . Then next you could create sub-categories for each author’s name {ie. Larry, Joe and Curly Moe} and assign these each the parent category Editors. Each post that is made will have to be assigned to the appropriate editor. That way you will get around what nitawriter is describing. Happy blogging!

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