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    I have quite a large tree of categories, and it’ll probably get larger. I’d like an “at a glance” list, but it takes up too much space in the sidebar. The dropdown makes it hard to see what all is available.

    So, I’d like to make a page that has all of the categories listed in a tree like it does in the sidebar when it’s not in dropdown mode.

    Is there a command I can embed, similar to “more” or the contact form, that will generate the Categories tree on a page?



    I was hoping that there was a dynamic way to generate it. Since my blog is new, I add new categories each day.

    But, if there isn’t a command I can embed in the page for dynamic generation, I guess I’ll have to settle for the static way.



    I’m sorry but there is no dynamic way to do this. Moreover, on the multi-user blogging platform we do not have access to and cannot edit our underlying templates. If you could do this then other blogs would be effected by the changes you made. So, yes I afraid you will have to settle for making a site index manually and updating it manually.



    That type of malarkey can be achieved using WP dot org software. With a bit of hacking. :)



    Maybe not dynamic, but you’ve just helped me set up a static page highlighting a single category. Wow you guys are the greatest.



    I left the following on your contact page, several weeks ago, but others may be interested.
    This works for templates which use horizontal tabs for Pages, like Andeas09, Misty Theme et al.

    Click Write>click Write Page
    Make Page title “Categories” (or whatever title you want to use)
    Deselect for Comments, Pings
    Select: Main page (no parent)
    In Page Template, select: Archives List or Two column Archives List
    Leave Post box blank
    Click Publish
    This will place a horizontal “Categories” tab along the top of the page.

    This page will list both Archives and Categories as two lists; Categories are listed hierarchically and new Categories are added to the list as you create them.

    If this is not what you are looking for, then apologies.



    Apologies to Sadish – that should have read “MistyLook” not “Misty Theme”.



    It would be helpful for those of us who left responses to your query if you could let us know whether what I have suggested was what you were looking for.

    Or were you looking for a method of automatically generating a tab Page which not only lists all categories hierarchically and automatically adds new categories to the list as you create them (as I have described above and which is possible in Andreas09 and possibly other themes which use horizontal tabs) but which also automatically generates a list of links to individual post subject lines asigned to your various categories, which, as far as I understand, cannot be generated automatically?

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