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    Does anyone know if it’s possible to create a static homepage for your site that looks like “freshly pressed” on the welcome page.

    I’d like to create a grid of all posts with an image.

    The blog I need help with is



    The themes on Freshly Pressed, FoodPress and the official blog are custom themes that are not available to us. If you are experienced with CSS editing you can purchase the CSS editing upgrade use the Sandbox theme to create what you wish.


    Talk about coincidence. Someone who reads my other blog has just emailed me to ask me if I’d write for them. I looked at their site which uses stuff and the front page of their site does exactly what I’m looking for.

    The guys going to get his programmer to send me step by step on how to do it.



    It’s not going to be possible.

    External themes and custom themes cannot be applied to a blog. Period. If they guy knows WordPress.COM as opposed to WordPress.ORG there’s a slight chance he can adapt a theme like Inuit Types or something into what looks like what you’re talking about.

    Of course, if all you want is a static page that looks like that, not a dynamic page, you can do it with just HTML tables. But it won’t update.


    Yeah I know I can’t install themes on the dot com site.

    I’ve been setting up a self hosted version over the last few days. Which is a shame because I really like the .Com site.

    What I need is a dynamic front page that shows thumbnails of all posts with their title. So as they don’t take ages to download. It’s a gallery site of stand up comedy posters. Posting the images in a post is the best option for me because it allows me to include the designers details in the post and use categories and tags.

    The photo themes don’t seem to have features like that.

    I need a dynamic page because I can upload 3 to 4 posters a day. It all comes to me via email. I upload through the email, then add tags in the control panel.

    If you have nay ideas on how I can achieve such a thing they would be very welcome.



    Like we said, that is not going to be possible at If you are setting up a site, you need to be over there for assistance.


    No one over there answers any questions.

    There is actually something in the twenty ten theme that would be good enough, Asides, but I can seem to get it to work.



    No-one over here answers any questions about .org


    That is the problem with .ORG. You get all that extra capability by self-hosting, but support over there leaves a lot to be desired. At the .ORG forums, never expect to get the level of support you did here from the volunteers. You have to figure that you are pretty much on your own.


    I might have solved this.

    The twenty ten theme of all things. It dynamically creating a small thumbnail if the format of the post format is set to gallery.



    There are lots of options with the CSS upgrade here, more so if you are careful with how you format your posts: a whole lot of possibilities will then open up for you. However this requires that you (or your coder accomplice) be familiar with the theme you are using and CSS itself.

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