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    I think Andreas 04 is currently the only theme that allows a full view of both blog posts AND a page. Can’t we please have some more – been waiting a LONG time? Thanks – you’re the best!

    The blog I need help with is



    I use the theme “Motion by Sam @ 85ideas” and it allows full view of blog posts/page.



    As the open source community is full of creative web designers who are not slaves to s standard format or structure we have a wide diversity of themes with varying special features, which appeal to a wide diversity of bloggers. I would not appreciate seeing this diversity eliminated and all themes becoming cookie cutter themes.

    In the majority of themes, posts in category or monthly archive pages show up just as they do in the main posts page. But in some themes only the beginnings of posts are shown, and in a few themes you only get titles or thumbnails. Read more here >

    I do not know exactly what you mean by “AND a Page”.

    When we click either a Post title or a “read more” icon or phrase in a Post where the”the more tag” has been inserted by the blogger to split content and display only an excerpt on the front page the entire post is displayed on it’s own separate page. When we click the page tab or link to a static Page the entire Page displays on it’s own separate page. This is why I don’t understand what you are expressing. Could you please expand?



    I really don’t understand what you’re talking about. Do you mean you can view them simultaneously in Andreas04? Every theme we have allows a full view of posts and pages except a couple of odd ones like Hemingway and Chaos Theory.



    raincoaster – you got it. on the left, you’ve got your posts and on the right, you’ve got your “page” view.

    i know hemingway and depo masthead also allow this feature, but allow it at the bottom of the theme design and not left and right orientation like the old andreas 04.

    i’m just looking for a way to post new content so my viewers can see the content AND read a little about us and our very, very, very small business. :)

    appreciate the time!



    That’s not what you’re seeing, actually. That theme seems to put the About info into a text widget or something at the top of the sidebar on the right. It’s not an actual page at all. You could do that with ANY widgetized theme with a sidebar rather than footer, just by putting the info in a text widget.

    A better way, in my opinion, is to use Vigilance and the Alert Box as I have on this blog:

    You can duplicate that effect with a Sticky post in pretty much any theme; just make sure to make it small, because a whole lotta text is simply not going to be read, whether it’s in the sidebar or in a sticky post. Cut it down and “for more information, click to our About Us page”.



    now that’s thinking out of the box! thanks!!!

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