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    I would like to create a Page on my site which is essentially composed of all the posts from a single category. One of my categories is called Streaming Media (because there was audio or video associated with it), the page I want to create is called “Media” and basically I only want the entries categorized with Streaming Media to appear on this Page. Is something like this possible?



    Could you please give us the link to your WordPress.COM blog, starting with http:// The answer will be different depending on where your blog is located.




    Essentially I would love a page that looked something like this

    Did I just answer my own questions? In reality, how do I make it so when someone clicks the tab for the Media Page it appears like the above link.


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    If you put a “Categories” widget in your sidebar, readers will be able to see all your posts for “streaming media,” “Football,” or whatever categories you have.


    Yes, categories pages are built into wordpress. But you need to have the categories widget so that people can get to the categories pages.



    I appreciate your responses, and have used the widgets, etc. but I wanted a web page displaying a SINGLE category. Instead of a page (which would still be nice to know how to do) I created a link which opens to its own page. I am sharing how I did this here as a tip to those who tried to help me out. It is currently a Link on my site under “Archived Streaming Media” with the text “Listen to some of Steve’s radio and Television appearances here!” and it takes you to . For the full affect, go to . Thanks again for offering to help!


    That is the same page you would get if you clicked on the “streaming media” category in the category widget.

    If I click on “dance monkey dance” in my category widget, it takes me to the category page that shows all posts I have assigned that category to: .

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