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  1. Hey! I'd love to convene with others using my same theme (currently Andreas 04). Isn't it possible to create subcommunities based on theme choice? Yes, I know. Brilliant idea. Let me search blogs by theme if I'm an insider. :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There already is a community of bloggers who voluntarily become instant early adopters of every new theme that's introduced at In fact, their request resulted in the creation of this Themes Forum yesterday.
    See >
    See also >

  3. One can find others using the same theme by using the search utilities and by using Google. This will not bring up every user, of course, and that's a good thing because there are millions of bloggers blogging in many languages who are using the same theme.

    What's important to understand is that in this shared blogging environment on this multi-user blogging platform is that all users of the same theme are, in essence, using the same underlying template. As any editing if themes and /or the templates underlying the themes will change every blog wearing the same theme only Staff can access and edit templates and themes.

  4. You can always go to Google and search for the name of whatever theme you're looking for; that'll turn up all blogs using the theme and any talking about the theme as well.

  5. ~~ waving to raincoaster

    Here's an example of a Google search string below. Note that there is no space following the colon and also note that it's only a search for threads in this English speaking forum denoted by the "en" in the URL.

    Andreas 04
    Search results >

  6. so exciting! thank YOU.

  7. This was very helpful.Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread.

    I picked Andreas 04 because it looked good and I didnt fully appreciate the subtle differences between themes.Quite by chance I seemed to have picked a theme which seems to cover my needs without changing things.

    The one issue I find slightly strange is the way the "about" information in the right hand side bar also appears as a page tab. Thus you can open the page and be looking at the same content as the side bar.

  8. bom

  9. @maismotor
    Português do Brasil:

  10. @beaufortjazz: You can avoid that redundancy, either by making the info not show up in the sidebar or by making the page tab not show up in the header. Which one of the two would you prefer?

  11. You wrote:
    "You can always go to Google and search for the name of whatever theme you're looking for; that'll turn up all blogs using the theme and any talking about the theme as well."

    I then Googled wordpress.com2010 and got a big listing, but the first one I checked was a blog in PressRow. I must have done something wrong.....


  12. You go to google and put in whatever you're looking for, in this case "2010 Theme" and to make it a search, you put the following in the search box on Google:

    "2010 Theme"

    And if that doesn't turn up what you want, you search for

    "Theme 2010"

    And so on. Naturally, you WILL get some extraneous results, but it will also, because it's a Google search, also grab the blogs using that theme.

  13. I thought about google, but since 2010 does not have anything in the footer, like most other themes, searching that way is kinda pointless.

  14. It doesn't? Hmm, then you're right. That's very odd; wonder if it's in the metadata anywhere?

  15. I'm reading everyone's input here and smiling a big wide smile. Why? Because aside from getting information and help, it's pleasant to get it in such a “neighborly” way. I had blogs in Blogspot/Blogger and getting help was a difficult thing. :-)


  16. Hi panaghiotisadam

    Thanks for the response. Ideally I would like to remove/hide the page tab whilst keeping the sidebar content available on all the pages.

    Is this possible?

    Thank you again

  17. "Theme Twenty Ten"
    returns more relevant results than "2010"

  18. I mean
    in the search box on Google:
    "Theme Twenty Ten"
    returns more relevant results than the number "2010"

  19. @1tess, which turns up the same type of results as the one raincoaster suggested, i.e. blogs discussing the theme, but not necessarily using it.

  20. Similar, yes. But not the same results.

    Digg3 or Unsleepable also return similar results: not users of that theme, but questions from folk using the theme. The footer info doesn't seem to have much to do with search results.

  21. @beaufortjazz: In that case just edit the page and delete its title.

  22. @1tess, if, for example, I search for the footer text: "Theme: Unsleepable by Ben Gray" then the search results return blogs using Unsleepable as their theme.

    No such luck with Twenty Ten though.

  23. gotcha! :-))

  24. Could that lack of a web designer's link in the footer be because this year's Twenty Ten theme is THE default theme and was created by Staff?

    BTW at wordcamp in San Francisco Matt stated the goal is to replace Twenty Ten next year and introduce a new default theme every year.

  25. That seems to be in line with the great number of new themes being introduced here on wp in general, don't you think? There are some very nice new themes, but they seem to be put out before they are tried and true. And without instructions. I am not complaining, but only saying. It is great that there are lots of new themes and that get to try them…

  26. No. The news themes we have here are tried and true when running on software, which is what they were originally designed to run on. I don't see lots of themes questions on these themes in the wordpress.ORG forums.

    I'm sure Staff do cross browser testing and test the adaptations they make to the themes themselves several times before they come to us because no adult wants to turn out work that doesn't work well.

    As there is no official BETA testing group here for these newly adapted themes for a short after introduction there may be a bit of a bumpy ride for the first adapters, until all the kinks are identified and worked out by the Theme Team.

    SHRUG ... no one is compelled to take that short ride. ;)

    I like testing these adapted themes in my test blogs. So the way I see it is that those who don't want to risk a bit of a bumpy ride or can't handle one, can stick with the themes they have until they hear the new ones are running smooth as silk. :)

  27. "since 2010 does not have anything in the footer, like most other themes"
    I have seen, in Spanish forum, that there are new users using Twenty Ten without know what theme are using"
    It would be appropriate to fix this.

  28. @ludusnaturae-Dashboard>Appearance>Themes>Current Theme. :)

  29. Archives Shortcode by category please!!

  30. @kathrasher
    Would you like to start a thread on for that suggestion in the Ideas Forum please? I'm asking because It's not a suggestion that's theme dependent.

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