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    @beaufortjazz: In that case just edit the page and delete its title.



    @1tess, if, for example, I search for the footer text: “Theme: Unsleepable by Ben Gray” then the search results return blogs using Unsleepable as their theme.

    No such luck with Twenty Ten though.


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    gotcha! :-))



    Could that lack of a web designer’s link in the footer be because this year’s Twenty Ten theme is THE default theme and was created by Staff?

    BTW at wordcamp in San Francisco Matt stated the goal is to replace Twenty Ten next year and introduce a new default theme every year.


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    That seems to be in line with the great number of new themes being introduced here on wp in general, don’t you think? There are some very nice new themes, but they seem to be put out before they are tried and true. And without instructions. I am not complaining, but only saying. It is great that there are lots of new themes and that get to try them…



    No. The news themes we have here are tried and true when running on software, which is what they were originally designed to run on. I don’t see lots of themes questions on these themes in the wordpress.ORG forums.

    I’m sure Staff do cross browser testing and test the adaptations they make to the themes themselves several times before they come to us because no adult wants to turn out work that doesn’t work well.

    As there is no official BETA testing group here for these newly adapted themes for a short after introduction there may be a bit of a bumpy ride for the first adapters, until all the kinks are identified and worked out by the Theme Team.

    SHRUG … no one is compelled to take that short ride. ;)

    I like testing these adapted themes in my test blogs. So the way I see it is that those who don’t want to risk a bit of a bumpy ride or can’t handle one, can stick with the themes they have until they hear the new ones are running smooth as silk. :)



    “since 2010 does not have anything in the footer, like most other themes”
    I have seen, in Spanish forum, that there are new users using Twenty Ten without know what theme are using”
    It would be appropriate to fix this.



    @ludusnaturae-Dashboard>Appearance>Themes>Current Theme. :)



    Archives Shortcode by category please!!



    Would you like to start a thread on for that suggestion in the Ideas Forum please? I’m asking because It’s not a suggestion that’s theme dependent.




    Many thanks for this – I have a number of changes to make to the blog and will probably try these out on a private test blog first.

    I mention this just in case you dont see any changes to the main blog and think that your kind suggestions have been ignored.

    Thank you again

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