Created a new domain now not working

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    Hi WordPress,

    Wondering if there is someone out there who can help me.

    I am trying to begin a new website using the domain WordPress generated my blog as – which wasn’t really ideal as I am a musician, so I purchased what I thought to be rights to (Domain Mapping $13), but I think I have definitely made a mistake.

    When I try and look up nothing shows up, so basically I have a blog now which I can’t figure out how to show anyone!

    Can someone please guide me along? I am a complete newbie to the world of websites so some help would be amazing!


    The blog I need help with is



    When you want a custom domain you have to have an underlying Whatever.Wordpress.COm domain first, to attach it to. So keep it. Did you also purchase domain mapping at the same time? Right now it looks like the custom domain is attached to the blog but they’re not going anywhere. I have flagged this for staff attention.


    Thank you for your reply!

    I purchased the $13 Domain Mapping but that was all. It was purchased at the same time I created the blog. As I said, I am a total newbie so chances are the error is mine. Thank you for flagging this for staff attention, much appreciated.



    Even before you do domain mapping you need to purchase the domain name – you can’t purchase it from WordPress.COM since they don’t do domains, but you can map it to a blog here once you purchase it. The domain will need to have the name servers pointed to WordPress.COM. See below for guidance.



    Some friends use namecheap for registration and it looks like they do domains about $ 15.- / year – U.S. Dollars


    I just purchased registration from GoDaddy for just under $20 for 2 years. I then changed the ‘nameservers’ to specified ones. Hopefully I did it right! I understand it can take some time for the changes to take effect so fingers crossed it all works out.

    Thanks to everyone for their help!



    it can take 24 to 72 hours for changes to reach the far corners of the internet but changes usually start after a few hours, during that time access to your blog may be erratic – shows changes have started

    you be welcome



    Hi there!


    I went to your site, and found that it was loading properly as seen in the screenshot below:

    Screen Shot

    It can take some time to propagate as @auxclass mentioned. If you find that it is still not loading properly, can you please try clearing out your cache and cookies using the guide below?

    Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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