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created blog not found

  1. I created today...over 6 hours ago. I selected theme, and created a post and edited my about page, yet going to the address produces a page that says "Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here."
    I do have 11 categories created, and the calendar widget selected. Any ideas why this is occurring?

  2. Probably because you deleted the placeholder blog post on the home page. That's a very common thing. Just write a post and you'll see it.

  3. as I said..I created (wrote) a post.............

  4. Why do you have a completely different URL in your header?

    Have you set a static page to be the front page?

  5. the URL in my "tag line" is self explanatory...its a link to my news service in Second Life and this travel guide is a seperate entity but a publication of that news service. Back to the topic at hand... was created today and a post created and several editing tasks performed, yet the page is not found.

    any help (on topic) would be greatly appreciated.

  6. The problem with that is that the header is clickable; and it will never take you there. You might want to put that in a text widget and make it a clickable link.

    Have you set a static page to be the front page?

  7. If you go to Manage, copy the URL of one of the posts and put it here. Without the Recent Posts widget, there is no way to navigate past that 404 page.

  8. No I have not set a static page...

    I guess 6 hours wasnt patient enough..the page is mysteriously working now with the exception the 11 categories are not showing up on the right sidebar menu. My guess is there needs to be a post in each category for the categories to be listed.

    Se la vi

    post is mysteriously "resolved".

  9. Yes, you need a post for a category to show up in the sidebar

  10. Yes, there has to be a post in each category for them to show up. If you've edited an About page, you'll want to put the pages widget in there too or nobody will ever find it.

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