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Creating 2 columns on a page

  1. I'm trying to do 2 columns on a page. How do I do the second column? While editing the page I clicked on the 2 column template, but nothing happens. It's still just o1 column. Can you help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. life35
    I don't understand your question. Are you trying to change to a 2 column theme? Or are you trying to make a post (or a page) in Andreas09 with 2 columns in it?

  3. I'm trying to make a page with 2 columns. When editing the page, on the right you can change the template to 2 columns, but it doesn't show 2 columns. Same with my Blogs I read page, there's supposed to be 2 columns.

  4. life35,
    Is this the blog (linked to your name) you are asking about?
    That theme (template?) is: Andreas09, which has 3 columns.

    To change to a 2 column theme:
    dashboard > appearance > themes > navigate the pages to choose a theme with 2 columns > click "activate" on the right.

    To filter for only themes with 2 columns: dashboard > appearance > themes > Where it says "show all themes" click so you get a pop-up, scroll-down menu, and select "2 columns" > click on filter and you'll see all the 2 column themes/templates available to users. Choose one, and activate.

  5. Set your page as the "default template" from the pulldown and then publish it and look at it. You will see two sidebars (left and right) and the main central column for the page content.

    Now go back and set it for "two column page" update it and then look at it again and you will see one sidebar (right) and the main column for the page content.

    2 columns = 1 sidebar + main content area

    3 columns = 2 sidebars + main content area

  6. Nod to tsp. I forgot that Andreas09 is unusual like that. Wish I could edit and delete posts.

  7. Well, tess, you're ahead of me b/c I didn't know it to forget it. I just tried it on my test blog and I see why the O/P is confused. The change did not appear in preview, but once I clicked Update and looked at from the front of the blog, it was indeed 2 columns. Sidebar was on the right, I think.

  8. No problem tess, the only reason I remember is that I use Andreas09 for almost a year and I did a lot of playing with it.

  9. o/ tsp!

  10. Yes, I did look in my test blog but was too lazy to actually activate it. I've had it active before, but, well ok… maybe I'll remember in future?
    I don't like to give bad advice here.

  11. @tess, who among us has not at one time missed on an answer? Don't worry about it, it happens to everyone at one time or another.

    The thing is, I'm certain what the OP was thinking was that two column meant two text columns, and it didn't dawn on me until the OP mentioned the page template pulldown that they were probably misunderstanding what columns meant in this context and actually I still do not know that that is the case; perhaps like Ella they were looking at the preview which was not reflecting what the page would truly look like. It would help if the page/post previews ALWAYS reflected exactly what the post/page was going to look like. Staff needs to work on that me thinks.

  12. Richard,
    Ok. Thank you. I won't feel too incompetent.
    A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.~
    I have noticed that the previews in themes are not always accurate, and it's necessary to activate them to see how they really work.

  13. I get it now. I did want to do 2 lists on my page side by side and I thought that's what the template would do. My mistake and sorry for confusing you all. Many thanks for the replies though you helped me get it.

  14. @life35: Here's two ways to do 2-column content (in the html editor, of course):

  15. Tess my problem is your problem - How do I make a 2 page lay out look like 2 pages?

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