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Creating a "about author widget"

  1. I was modifying the design of my blog
    I had to add an about me widget(with photograph) into the right side bar of it. But i could not find any such widget with
    So i implemented the authors grid widget to it and authorized Gravtar to show information about me.
    Can anyone suggest any wordpress widget or code so that i can add an about me side bar widget to my blog.

  2. Put you "About Me" on a Page - then put a link to the page with a Text Widget in the sidebar - you might need a Custom Menu to hide the page or put the page as a child of another page.

  3. The Gravatar Widget is perfect for this.

  4. @justjennifer - that takes all of the challenge out of it - easy - added one on a test site and only took a couple of minutes.


  5. er, you're welcome, I think. ;-)

  6. Worked great - I already have an "About" page on my main blog so I will just leave it there - slick solution


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